About us


TAM ENGINEERING LIMITED COMPANY was established in 1985 to provide mechanical, civil and structural design service for local and international customers.

In the first years of establishment Cement Industry was served intensively and starting from 1990 many national and international project were completed in Detergent, Earth, Glass, Iron & Steel, Agriculture, Chemical, Fertilizer etc. Industries. The Company named Procter & Gamble (Worlds biggest Deterjent and Cosmetics Producers) honoured TAM ENGINEERING in 1991 with `Qualified Design Company` title and since than design service is provided to this company extensively in Middle East area.

The investment value of plants designed by TAM ENGINEERING has already reached one billion USD.

Our company is also manufacturing standard Powder Valves under brand name ÖZBİL since 1998.

TAM ENGINEERING aim’s to serve the industry in Turkey and abroad for many years in future.


TAM ENGINEERING aims to provide design service for local and international investors with the consideration of high quality knowledge production and sharing is the worlds most important need. Our existence in the market is related to consistent developing quality of service.

We are conscious that customer satisfaction can only be assured by doing followings:
– Convenient and stable prices.
– Quality work at the right time.
– Honesty and frankly attitude.
– Continuity in service.
– Prompt action to issues.
– Long term planning.
– Saving the interests of customer without sacrificing from quality.