1) Basic Design

Our company produces basic design for handling liquid, bulk and powder materials. According to customer requirements process flow diagrams are produced, process calculations are prepared and equipment selections are made.

For specific technologies (know-how by customer) TAM Engineering produces basic design documents with customer’s engineers and the customer does critical equipment selection and process calculations. For this type of work also, we supply the basic design service for the liquid, powder and bulk materials handling throughout the process.

Basic Design forms a basis for General Arrangement Design

2) General Arrangement Design

For the plants where the basic design is completed (Process flow diagrams are prepared, process calculations are made and critical equipment selection is made) TAM Engineering produces General Arrangement Drawings and mechanical calculations. General Arrangement design forms a basis for detail engineering. (Civil & Structural design works are outsourced.)

General Arrangement design forms a basis for Detail Engineering

3) Detail Engineering & Workshop Drawings

For the plants where the General Arrangement Design is completed, mechanical detail design works (Various type of belt conveyors, belt and chain elevators, screw conveyors, various type of feeders, air slides, pneumatic conveying systems, gas ducts, liquid and gas piping, cyclones, bins, dedusting systems, compressed air systems,..etc) and civil/structural detail design works are performed by TAM Engineering. (Civil & Structural design works are outsourced.)

4) Dedusting Systems Design

Our company has 30 years of experience in the design of Dedusting Systems. With the awareness that the effective performance of the dedusting systems is related to the zoning of the dust sources and the correct design/balancing of the suction ducts, (far beyond the Filter and Fan selection only), we offer design services that provide a dust-free environment to the facilities working with dusting materials.